Jawed Naqvi, senior journalist at Dawn remembers Khurshid’s struggle against fascism

Jawed Naqvi, a senior journalist with the Pakistani daily Dawn, talks about how the Right’s obsession with vigilantism combined with debilitating confusion in the left camp has resulted in the gross misuse of anti-rape laws.

He also highlights how people, like Khurshid Anwar who were openly defiant of all forms of religious fanaticism, and supportive of new laws safeguarding women’s rights are carefully targeted by those who’d prefer attention shifted from “the more institutionalised rape carried out by indoctrinated mobs, for example, in Muzzafarnagar and Gujarat.”

He writes, “….However, he had already been condemned. His leading tormentor was a woman activist who had boarded the Narendra Modi bandwagon. She filmed Anwar’s alleged accuser and a copy of the CD found its way to a malicious TV anchor. Indian laws prohibit showing the picture of a rape victim but law has never deterred the right.

Anwar was still bracing to take the fight to his foes when a leading woman activist from a fellow communist bloc he respected also joined the accusation battery. It broke his heart and he died without being offered a hearing by an ally whom he admired greatly.”

Find the full article here


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