Press release – 27th Dec ’13 Campaign for Khurshid Anwar to organize discussion on trial by media and its ethical limits

Campaign For Khurshid Anwar
Ritwik Agrawal – 9873554908 | Ankita Chandranath – 9999821959


 Press Release

28 December 2013


Campaign for Khurshid Anwar to organize discussion on trial by media and its ethical limits


          Friends and family members of the recently deceased Executive Director of the Institute for Social Democracy, Khurshid Anwar, are organizing an open forum to discuss trial by media and social media. The forum will be held at the Press Club of India in New Delhi on Saturday 28 December at 4pm.


          It may be recalled that Anwar, a well-known name in activist circles in Delhi, allegedly committed suicide on the morning of the eighteenth of this month, after being accused of rape by a fellow activist.


          Anwar’s family and friends, calling themselves the Campaign for Khurshid Anwar, allege that the late activist was forced to take the extreme step due to the mental trauma and public humiliation caused by a targeted vilification campaign on Facebook and certain TV programmes broadcast on the two days immediately leading to his death.


          “Dr. Anwar has been taken away from us in the most unfortunate of circumstances. This is a strange case as the accused kept asking for the basic legal process to be followed such as filing of FIR and a medical test of the complainant, but this was not done. In spite of this certain irresponsible TV channels went overboard to tarnish his reputation”, said Ankita Chandranath, a spokesperson for the campaign.


          “We wish to use the tragic death of Khurshid Anwar to spur a discussion on the ethics of trial by media. How can we ensure responsible reportage without infringing on the freedom of the press? Prominent journalists will be a part of the open forum as we discuss these issues”, said Ritwik Agrawal, a close family friend and a research student at the University of Delhi. 


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