Business Standard questions trial by Media and Social Media

Leading newspaper Business Standard questioned the role of media which highlighted the alleged victim’s complaints without knowing the complete facts or speaking with the accused about his version of events.

Please join us at 4 PM today (28th December) at the Press Club of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Marg to continue this discussion on TV reporting and its ethical limits in the background of Khurshid Anwar’s media trial and his subsequent suicide.

The Business Standard story reports –

“There is a tendency in journalism – it convicts a person on the day allegation is levelled against him, even before the court convicts him. That is sad. How can media reach a conclusion so quickly and start showing one as an accused? At least, it should wait for lodging of an FIR, completion of investigation,” Naqvi said.

Asked whether the media is sensationalising sexual assault cases nowadays, Naqvi said: “Yes, look at the Tarun Tejpal issue. We don’t know what happened in the lift, but the media proved him an accused even before the court has done so. For over three weeks the media was carrying Tejpal’s news 24×7.”

Read the full story here.

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