The Times of India covers Campaign for Khurshid Anwar, Public Discussion at Press Club of India today

The Times of India has covered the ongoing campaign for Khurshid Anwar against the social media trial and vilification which he had to endure. The Times of India has been tracking the case and proving valuable in the coverage of developments in this case.

The article reports, “Friends, colleagues and family members of social activist Khurshid Anwarhave launched a campaign demanding a speedy probe into his suicide. The drive will mobilize support through social media, meetings, debates and protest marches, in addition to the legal battle, says family friend Ritwik Agarwal.”

About the meeting today – “Agarwal said they will have a discussion at the Press Club at 4pm on Saturday. Prominent journalists and academicians will be among speakers.”

Read the full report here

Please do join us today for a discussion on TV reporting and its ethical limits in the background of Khurshid Anwar’s media trial and his subsequent suicide at 4 PM at Press Club of India, Raisina Road.

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