Om Thanvi at the Forum on Media Trials

Om Thanvi, editor of the respected Hindi daily Jansatta expressed disbelief and concern at the callousness displayed by certain sections of the media at a Press Meet here.

He noted that India TV (which ran a one hour show on the night before Khurshid’s death) removed the part containing Anwar’s version. He was of the opinion that it was such deliberate one-sided and biased journalism aimed at skewing people’s perception against Khurshid that ultimately pushed him to commit suicide. This kind of journalism reliant on theatrics alone is criminal and illegal according to Thanvi, irrespective of the person involved.

He also posed critical questions to activists such as Madhu Kishwar who recorded the testimony of the girl and then handed over a copy of the same to a third party. The CD was circulated widely in the next three months. Thanvi said, “It is not good enough for Kishwar to say that she did not distribute the CD. She should answer for the circulation of the CD which affected the reputation of both the complainant and the accused.”

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