Press release – 1st Jan ’14 Investigative journalist Deepak Sharma calls Anwar case unique in his experience

Video recording of what Deepak Sharma, investigative journalist with Aaj Tak, has to say on the Khurshid Anwar matter –

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Press Release

1 Jan 2014

Investigative journalist Deepak Sharma calls Anwar case unique in his experience

Investigative journalist Deepak Sharma, who works with the TV Today group, has called the Khurshid Anwar affair unique in his twenty two years of experience.

Sharma said that he had been following the matter closely since it first came to light about three months ago. Through his sources in the police, he has also been keeping tabs on the official investigation.

It may be recalled that Khurshid Anwar, executive director of a New Delhi based NGO, committed suicide on the morning of 18th December after being accused of raping a fellow activist on the night of 12th September.

“I have never before seen a case where the accused was acting in a manner more transparent than his accusers. Anwar’s conduct was completely transparent. He was pressing those accusing him on Facebook to approach the courts so that he gets a chance to clear his name”, said Sharma, who was speaking at a meeting organized by Anwar’s friends and family at the Press Club of India.

“Anwar was frustrated and confided to me that unless there is some official inquiry he will not be able to remove this blot from his name. The police have recovered four letters from his possession, including one to the complainant where Anwar is asking her why did she not confront him on the morning after the supposed incident if, in her illness, she felt that she had been violated in some way”, Sharma added.

Ankita Chandranath, a student at Jawaharlal Nehru University and spokesperson of the Campaign for Khurshid Anwar demanded a thorough investigation into all aspects of the case, including the long delay in filing an FIR and the ‘vilification’ of Anwar on social media even before a medical test had been conducted.

“Madhu Kishwar claims on her website that she set up a meeting of the complainant and her friends with a well-known lawyer. Even if the complainant, an activist herself who knew the law, was hesitant to approach the police, why did she or her friends not seek legal opinion even when it was readily available?”, asked Chandranath.

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