• A thorough and objective probe into the matter, without assuming the guilt of either the accused or the accusers, including but not limited to the entire chain of events unfolding on Facebook and the events pertaining to the distribution of the CD shot by Ms. Madhu Kishwar. Which interests were involved in the energetic distribution of the CD in various towns of north India within a short period of time? Who was financing this operation? There are many questions, answers to which can only be unearthed by a competent investigation.
  • Action, within the ambit of the legal and regulatory framework in place, against those actors on social media and broadcast media who vilified Dr Anwar even before charges had been framed, ultimately pushing him to suicide.
  • The formulation of a transparent set of guidelines on crime reporting by TV news, to preserve the dignity of both the accusers and the accused, and to prevent cases of ‘trial by media’.

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