‘Report Responsibly’ raises debate on responsible reporting on sexual assault in India

The recent post by Supriya Sharma on the blog Report Responsibly highlights the slanted nature of the India TV show telecast on December 17, the night before Khurshid Anwar committed suicide. It was structured in a way which “in the words of its anchor, (was) in the manner of a ‘campaign’ to ‘bring justice’ to the woman.”

Some examples of statements made by Rajat Sharma which demonstrates the skewed nature of the show are also enlisted,

“India TV ladega iss ladki ko insaaf dilaane ki jung”

(India TV would battle to bring justice to this woman) 

“Iske saath ku karm karne waale ko inzaam tak pahuchaye”

(We wish to pursue the man who has dishonoured her to the very end)

“India TV ne tay kiya ki iss ladki ko nyaya dilaana hai aur muhim chalo ki”

(India TV has decided that the woman must get justice and for that, it has started a campaign)

“Hum zaroor koshish karenge iss muhim ko anzam tak le jaane ki”

(We will try our best to take this campaign to its logical end)

Read the full entry here.

Also, read this enlightening piece by Mrinal Satish, Professor at National Law University, Delhi on the issue of media trials as an impediment to the judicial process in sexual assault cases.

He writes, “It is essential for the media to keep in mind that the presumption of innocence is a very important right of the accused in the criminal process. His/her right to a fair trial might be impacted by prejudicial reporting by the media. Such reporting might adversely affect the judicial process and even jeopardize the chances of the victim getting justice.”

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