Ruth Vanita, an acclaimed feminist writes about how giving up important principles such as ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and ‘guilt proven beyond a reasonable doubt’ serves to destroy the fragile foundations on which our democratic systems are based.

She opines, “…in cases of alleged rape, until the facts are proven, dubbing the accused a ‘rapist’ and the complainant a ‘victim’, as the media routinely do, is wrong. This is particularly urgent in view of the draconian provisions of the Criminal Amendment Act, which allows the death sentence for a second rape conviction, and defines “a demand or request for sexual favours” as sexual harassment.”

She warns, “The term ‘sexual favour’ is a Victorianism, revealing puritanical, anti-sex assumptions. This puritanism appears to be spreading worldwide, under the aegis of a certain type of feminism. At the American university where I currently teach, some feminists have tried to impose a conduct code on campus, using almost exactly the same language.”

Read the entire article here.

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