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Times of India report on the questions posed to the NCW


Deccan Herald on the questions that National Commission for Women needs to answer

Dr. Meenakshi Sundriyal, wife of Khurshid Anwar in a letter written to the National Commission for Women yesterday, asked if the due procedures were followed in the course of examining evidence and filing the FIR against Anwar.

It must be noted that one of the members of the NCW was present on the show aired on India TV on the night of December 17. This show not only contained highly biased and disparaging remarks against Khurshid Anwar but also edited out the part with his statement.

The cause of this public lynching was a CD recorded by the alleged victim in a reputed activists’ office. This CD which also reached NCW’s office was subsequently used as an evidence for filing the case.

“Anwar’s family and friends want to know if it is regular practice to recommend the filing of a case on the basis of evidence such as material available on a video CD like the one in this case.”

“The video is less of a testimony and more of a drawing room discussion. We believe the complainant was being prompted,” said Ritwik Agrawal, one of the spokespersons for the campaign.

Read the full report here.

Prominent women’s rights activist, Anjali Sinha talks about the dangers of media trials on ‘Hastakshep’

Anjali Sinha, activist with Stri Mukti Sangathan and involved in fighting for women’s issues for the last thirty years writes on the Khurshid Anwar Media Trial. She raises grave concern at the callousness and slander that was adopted on various social media forums which left no space for reasoned judgement. “Will the crowd either on social media or marshaled by sensationalist media be the judge and jury in cases such as these in the coming days?”, she asks.

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Anwar’s wife expresses concern over media trials – Report in today’s edition of The Hindu

Dr. Meenakshi Sundriyal, wife of Khurshid Anwar speaks on how scuttling the process of law is eventually, extremely anti-women.

At the Press Club of India here on Sunday, Dr. Sundriyal said: “I have been an office bearer of the Gender Sensitisation Committee at Jawaharlal Nehru University. I can say that when we try to take matters into our own hands and not follow laid-down procedures on sensitive matters such as rape, it is usually the women who suffer.”

Read the full report here.

Jansatta’s report on the Discussion Forum on TV Reporting and its Ethical Limits

Jansatta has covered the Discussion Forum on TV Reporting and its Ethical Limits organized by Campaign for Khurshid Anwar on 28th December 2013.

The report states the view of many academicians and members of the media like Purushottam Agrawal, Om Thanvi, Rahul Jalali, Annapurna on irresponsible, one-sided media reporting, slander and the dangerous portends for democracy in case such irresponsible attitude continues.

Read the full report here.


Firstpost on the anguish and concern expressed by journalists over media trials

Various journalists and friends of Khurshid Anwar came together to express their anguish and deep concern over irresponsible media practices at an open forum at the Press Club of India.

Citing an incidence from the Khurshid Anwar case, Om Thanvi, editor of Jansatta newspaper said, “The entire tape of the programme (in which the allegations were made) should be shown, as they also contain Anwar’s version of events which were cut.”

Read more here.

Business Standard questions trial by Media and Social Media

Leading newspaper Business Standard questioned the role of media which highlighted the alleged victim’s complaints without knowing the complete facts or speaking with the accused about his version of events.

Please join us at 4 PM today (28th December) at the Press Club of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Marg to continue this discussion on TV reporting and its ethical limits in the background of Khurshid Anwar’s media trial and his subsequent suicide.

The Business Standard story reports –

“There is a tendency in journalism – it convicts a person on the day allegation is levelled against him, even before the court convicts him. That is sad. How can media reach a conclusion so quickly and start showing one as an accused? At least, it should wait for lodging of an FIR, completion of investigation,” Naqvi said.

Asked whether the media is sensationalising sexual assault cases nowadays, Naqvi said: “Yes, look at the Tarun Tejpal issue. We don’t know what happened in the lift, but the media proved him an accused even before the court has done so. For over three weeks the media was carrying Tejpal’s news 24×7.”

Read the full story here.

Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera writes about the role of the media in the case

Al Jazeera has published a detailed coverage on the case, with focus on the social media’s role on the case. 

The report states, “According to reports, Anwar left a suicide note allegedly blaming news organisations in contributing to his demise. While some are sceptical of his innocence, many have come to his defence and have accused traditional and social media of defaming Anwar before receiving his due process. Anwar’s supporters have now begun their online campaign using #Justice4KhurshidAnwar and #StopMediaTrials to demand a proper investigation into the matter”

The last part of the article mentions that the alleged victim has been slandered. We strongly condemn any slandering or vilification of the alleged victim and have issued a statement against the same. Read the statement here.

The article by Al Jazeera can be read here.

Jawed Naqvi, senior journalist at Dawn remembers Khurshid’s struggle against fascism

Jawed Naqvi, a senior journalist with the Pakistani daily Dawn, talks about how the Right’s obsession with vigilantism combined with debilitating confusion in the left camp has resulted in the gross misuse of anti-rape laws.

He also highlights how people, like Khurshid Anwar who were openly defiant of all forms of religious fanaticism, and supportive of new laws safeguarding women’s rights are carefully targeted by those who’d prefer attention shifted from “the more institutionalised rape carried out by indoctrinated mobs, for example, in Muzzafarnagar and Gujarat.”

He writes, “….However, he had already been condemned. His leading tormentor was a woman activist who had boarded the Narendra Modi bandwagon. She filmed Anwar’s alleged accuser and a copy of the CD found its way to a malicious TV anchor. Indian laws prohibit showing the picture of a rape victim but law has never deterred the right.

Anwar was still bracing to take the fight to his foes when a leading woman activist from a fellow communist bloc he respected also joined the accusation battery. It broke his heart and he died without being offered a hearing by an ally whom he admired greatly.”

Find the full article here

The Indian Express report on the legal complaint filed by Khurshid’s kin on behalf of Campaign for Khurshid Anwar

Ali Javed on behalf of The Campaign for Khurshid Anwar lodged a formal complaint on Tuesday denying the charges leveled against Anwar.

In the complaint, he highlights the fact that there is enough material evidence in the form of testimonies, audio recordings, personal letters and updates on social media sites etc. to suspect a well-spun conspiracy behind the constant harassment of Khurshid over the course of last few months.

The complaint requests the police to lodge an FIR for offences under sections of false charges of offence (211), defamation (500), abetment to suicide (306) and punishment for sending offensive messages through communication (66 IT Act).

Madhu Kishwar, one of the accused in the complaint, has vehemently denied any role in passing the CD or advertising against Anwar in any way. However, on the crucial questions of,

1. Why she chose to video record the testimony of a girl, who didn’t wish the allegation to be made public, without any attempt to hide her face?

2. Why did she hand over a copy of the CD with such sensitive material to a supposed friend of the girl she didn’t even know?

she has maintained a deathly silence.

Read Indian Express’ report on the complaint in today’s edition.