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Questions left unanswered

On 18 December 2013 Dr. Khurshid jumped to his death in his house in Vasant Kunj. There are a few questions that arise as to why Dr. Khurshid decided to end his life.khurshidanwar

1. Why the people who visited him on a night in September this year leave behind a girl who later claimed in a video that she had passed out and was raped by Dr. Khurshid? Whether the drink was laced or not is for the police to investigate. But why those who were with the girl suddenly left her in a house in which Dr. Khurshid lived alone.

2. Why did the girl not go to the police if she was raped that night by Dr. Khurshid as she alleges?

3. Why did she decide to contact through her friends Ms. Madhu Kishwar and not the police?

4. Why did Madhu Kishwar video record the girl who made the allegations? Why was her face not covered or any other attempt made to prevent identification?

5. Why did the girl, her co-workers, or Madhu Kishwar never attempt to contact the authorities via an FIR and/or a medical test so that the facts of the matter could be established? They are all activists who’ve been working on women’s issues. In the case of Ms. Kishwar such experience spans decades.

6. Why did a girl, who feared her family and apparently did not want to file an FIR so that the family does not come to know of the matter, allow for a video testimony to be taken without any attempt to cover her face?

7. Who were the people involved in the distribution of the defamatory and slanderous CD which had the video recording of the girl in Kishwar’s office. What are the motivations of these people to distribute this CD in a matter of days? Who is the force/handler behind these people?

8. Why were TV channels JIA and India TV running discussions on Dr. Khurshid and the alleged rape incident without inquiry by the police? The media trial especially by the above two channels on 16th and 17th December, it seems, ultimately forced Dr. Khurshid to take the decision to end his life.

Two aspects of the case need to be probed. One, was there any criminal conspiracy by those who decided to leave the girl alone, even though Dr. Khurshid kept on requesting them to take the girl with them, even had called taxis to ferry them? Two, what was the role in abetment to suicide of those who without going to the police were constantly accusing Dr. Khurshid of rape in the media?

A proper inquiry into these two aspects would bring out the truth behind Dr. Khurshid’s death. This is also essential to meet the ends of justice and will help in clearing his name and honour, even if posthumously.